ASA-PVC super weatherproof composite tile solves the pain of corrosion and water leakage!

Time: 2021-08-17

Many ceramic manufacturers reported that the color steel tile on the roof of ceramic workshop had been corroded for two years under the long-term high-temperature firing environment, and the troubles of the past were still repeated less than two years after the new color steel tile was replaced. Today, Xiaobian introduces a new anti-corrosion roofing tile-—ASA-PVC super weatherproof composite tile, which is suitable for ceramic workshop.

Properties of ASA-PVC super weatherproof composite tile;

The surface layer adopts imported super-high weather-resistant engineering resin raw material ASA, which is anti-corrosion and anti-aging, and has stable and lasting color; The middle layer is PVC resin with excellent rigidity and toughness, which ensures strength and increases rigidity; The bottom layer is made of white tough wear-resistant material to increase the sense of space and brightness of the workshop.

The application of ASA-PVC super weatherproof composite tile structure

This product is specially designed to solve the problem of slow drainage and easy water leakage in long-span workshop. The product has a wave height of 40mm and a wave distance of 240 mm. The drainage ditch design is larger, which accelerates the drainage speed and increases the strength of the tile on the basis of waterproof.

Acid and alkali resistance of ASA-PVC super weather-resistant composite tile

ASA engineering resin with high weather resistance is used on the surface, which has outstanding corrosion resistance and is insoluble in any acid and alkali solvents. It is very suitable for acid rain prone areas, highly corrosive factories, greenhouse farming and other acid and alkali production environments, and the effect is particularly obvious.

ASA-PVC super weather-resistant composite tile for sound insulation and heat insulation

When the product is affected by external noise such as heavy rain and strong wind, it has a good function of absorbing noise, which is more than 20dB lower than that of color steel tile; Compared with color steel tile, its thermal insulation performance is far from perfect. The use of ASA-PVC super weather-resistant composite tile can obviously reduce the use of electrical appliances, save energy and protect the environment.

Fire insulation of ASA-PVC super weatherproof composite tile

It is a new type of environmentally friendly and flame retardant material with B1 fire resistance; For insulation products, especially in factories near Leifa area and high-voltage line, it is more secure to replace metal tile with ASA-PVC super weather-resistant composite tile.

Application field of ASA-PVC super weather-resistant composite tile products

High-grade roofing materials, such as high-grade standardized workshop, steel structure workshop, warehouse, farmer's market and carport, are particularly effective in highly corrosive factories such as ceramic factories, chemical plants and smelters.

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