How can PVC HOLLOW ROOF TILE reduce the cost

Time: 2023-02-10

The technical property of PVC HOLLOW ROOF TILE is that it does not conduct electricity, in the event of accidental discharge will be intact. Its fire resistance is also strong, because its main resin belongs to non-inflammable products, fire resistance can reach B1 level detected by fire authority.

Its heat insulation effect is good, the thermal conductivity of the resin is far lower than the thermal conductivity of clay tile, cement tile, color steel plate tile. Therefore, without considering the addition of insulation layer, its thermal insulation performance is still good.

The PVC HOLLOW ROOF TILE light weight, per square meter is (6.0±0.1) kg. So, it belongs to the light body material, light weight reduces the load borne by the building, improve safety. Especially in the old building renovation project has more obvious advantages, at the same time easy to transport and construction, save transportation costs, reduce construction costs.

Excellent self-waterproof performance, PVC HOLLOW ROOF TILE selected high weather resistance resin itself dense and does not absorb water, so there is no microporous water seepage problem. The area of decorative tile sheet is large, the roof joint is few, the lap joint is tight, and with its excellent self-waterproof performance, as long as the installation are careful and constructed correctly, it can save the waterproof layer, so as to reduce the building cost.

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