PVC price has reached the highest point in 9 years! Global PVC supply is tight, driving up prices

Time: 2021-07-15

Yesterday, we just mentioned that at present, the demand of downstream paste resin products enterprises in China is bursting, and the production enterprises are too busy to fully meet the market demand. In fact, this kind of supply shortage is not unique in China, but a common phenomenon in the global PVC supply chain.

PVC price trend chart

Earlier this year, due to the worldwide epidemic, the demand for PVC dropped to the lowest level in recent ten years in April. All parties in the supply chain are basically dormant. In September this year, due to the improvement of the social environment, the demand for PVC from all parties has greatly increased, and its price has been rising continuously.

According to a report in Houston on September 18th, in March and April of this year, the export price of PVC in the United States dropped by 39% within 6 weeks, and fell to the lowest point of 520 USD/ton in 12 years on April 29th, and started to rise in May, reaching the price of 800 USD/ton in August.

In addition, some areas in the United States were also affected by Hurricane Laura, and many chemical companies announced that their production capacity could not resume in the short term due to force majeure. This has undoubtedly dealt a blow to the PVC industry, which is already in short supply, and added a fire to the price increase of PVC. As of September 16, the price of PVC has doubled from the lowest point on April 29, reaching the price of US$ 1,050/ton, which is also the highest price in recent 9 years.

Therefore, it can be said that it is the golden period for PVC manufacturers recently, and it is an excellent time to export or sell in China. I don't know how long this rising trend will last. Do you have any opinion on this?

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