Self-Cleaning Materials and Surfaces

Time: 2022-11-15

To bring the newest innovative technologies to our customers, SMARTROOF has always been dedicated to providing the best solutions.

New and better materials of roofing sheets are a constant focus for us, but we also need to understand that proper maintenance will prolong the life of any roof.

We know that roofs aren’t exactly the easiest of surfaces to keep clean. Not only is access an issue, but also the rules around cleaning at heights can be restrictive. Some local environments (traffic pollution) may also mean that the requirements for maintenance can be more onerous than others. All these things led to a conclusion that preventing bacterial and fungal growth roofing sheet is importante to us.

Therefore, we selected resistant resin to be one of the materials of the top layer, not only provides our roofing material with Self-Cleaning ability, but chemical corrosion resistance nut also blocks the solar ultraviolet radiation and reduce the coefficient of heat conductivity.

All in all, the develop of “a self-cleaning roof” reduces the risk and cost of maintenance to customers, while also extending the life the product.

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