Should we choose PVC anticorrosive tile or color steel tile for plant construction?

Time: 2021-08-19

How to choose roof tile of factory building?

Nowadays, in the era of rapid economic development, a large number of factories are being built in various industries. In terms of plant construction, besides considering the durability of the plant, the major manufacturers pay more and more attention to the image of the plant. After all, now they pay more attention to building the brand image than before. Factory building, PVC anticorrosive tile and color steel tile, which one can give attention to both production and image?

PVC anticorrosive tile or color steel tile

PVC anticorrosive tile and color steel tile are often used as roofing building materials in factories, and some customers do not know how to choose between PVC anticorrosive tile and color steel tile. There are indeed many commonalities between the two. For example, they are applicable to the roofs of industrial plants, warehouses, carports, farmers' markets and long-span structural buildings, and can also be used as walls and interior and exterior wall decoration, etc. They all have the characteristics of light weight, rich colors, convenient and fast construction, wind resistance, earthquake resistance, fire prevention, etc.


However, there are great differences in some properties between them. For example, color steel tiles are extremely easy to corrode and rust, and corrosive factories are even less suitable; PVC anti-corrosion tile has outstanding anti-corrosion performance, and color steel tile and PVC anti-corrosion tile are incomparable in anti-corrosion performance. Color steel tiles have been used for 1 to 2 years, and they should be repaired frequently after signs of rust appear, and the maintenance cost in the later period is huge; The PVC anticorrosive tile is maintenance-free at the later stage of installation and can be used for ten or even twenty years. PVC anti-corrosion tile is more outstanding because of its advantages in sound insulation, heat insulation, fire prevention and insulation.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose PVC anticorrosive tiles for plant construction. Compared with color steel tiles, PVC anticorrosive tiles have long service life and high recycling price, and will not cause problems such as water leakage, maintenance and replacement due to rusting, which is conducive to ensuring the lasting and stable operation of the plant and shaping a good corporate image. The stability of enterprise operation keeps pace with brand image, which will naturally create greater value.

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