Stone Coated Metal Steel Roof Tiles Pros and Cons

Time: 2021-08-10

Most of the homeowners are tired of having the same traditional roof designs. They want designs and styles that will incorporate something new and better in appearance and functionality. Well, that is none other but the modern stone coated metal steel roof. It combines the look of clay tiles and stylish shingles to give classic beauty. And mark my words, they only go for a fraction of what you will pay for clay tiles or slate roof. They live for decades without damage providing the lengthy protection of your house and the structural requirements are simple. To learn more about these tiles, check out the pros and cons as listed below.

Delivers a fresh and distinctive look

You will have to wait for decades before you note any negativity about the appearance of the stone coated roof tiles. They are prepared with beauty in mind. That’s the main reason these tiles are trending everywhere in the construction industry. Although they are artificial copies of the original clay, shingle or slate roof tiles, they come out better. It is very hard to differentiate between an original clay tile and one made of steel and stone coated. Credit to technology adopted. Flexibility in profile to give tile, shingle and shake also falls under this subtitle.

Built to last long

When compared to other roofing materials, stone coated roof tiles provide superior durability. You can expect that they don’t split, warp, crack or curl. They are also made in an interlocking design that enables them resist heavy rain and other elements including wind with ease. These tiles have been used elsewhere and their track record proves what we are talking about. Don’t panic that they will fail just because they are thin and lightweight.

Easy to install

Stone coated roof tiles are lightweight. They are easy to carry along and lift during building to allow for easy construction. Unlike other footing materials that weight 10 pounds per square foot, these ones weight just 1.5 per square foot. You also have a reduced burden of setting up structural frameworks to support the roof.


Modern people understand how much environmental friendliness means. Unlike other materials, these tiles can be recycled fully and still not get degraded. If you like, you can decide to add these tiles over the already existing roof to minimize the construction waste.

High resale values and secure protection are other benefits.


Although 99% of stone coated roofing tile features are all about the positives, there is a small bit worth noting about the negatives. First, the cost of buying these tiles is uplifted. That is when compared to other materials including asphalt or roofing sheets. However, we can say that the tiles are worth it for they last longer than asphalt. Second, metal tiles can be noisy in the event of heavy rainfall. That is unlike the clay tiles. However, you only need to have a ceiling structure in your house and rain becomes nothing to bother you.

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