Which Kind of Tile is the Right Choice for Factoy? What Color Should I Choose?

Time: 2021-09-13

With the progress of society and economic development, people pay more and more attention to the selection of roof building materials, and the factory tile is no exception. Whether it is appearance or internal performance, the traditional factory tile can no longer meet the needs of users. Which kind of factory tile is better? What color should I choose?

We strongly recommend you to use PVC tiles for plant. PVC tiles have the advantages of light weight, large single area, anti-corrosion, heat insulation, fire prevention, insulation, noise prevention, wind and earthquake resistance, and are very suitable for plant use.

PVC Tile

If it is some temporary plants, ordinary PVC tile products can be used, and the price is relatively cheap;

Asa-pvc Super Weather Resistant Composite Tile

Suitable for some corrosive plants such as sewage treatment plant, smelting workshop and dye plant;

Hollow Anti-corrosion Heat Insulation Tile

The performance of heat insulation and sound insulation is better than other PVC tiles, and the service life is longer. It is suitable for high-grade plants and aquaculture industry, with high comfort and beauty.

Post time:        Sep-13-2021

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