Why choose the UPVC Corrugated Roofing Sheet?

Time: 2023-01-19

UPVC Corrugated Roofing Sheet is a construction material with anticorrosion, acid prevention, alkali prevention, heat insulation and sound insulation, and widely used in chemical plants, workshops, parking lots and other construction work. Compared with the color steel tile, the UPVC Corrugated Roofing Sheet will not rust, has strong heat insulation capacity, and its service life is more than 10-15 years. All in all, it has a very obvious advantage compared with the color steel tile.

The UPVC Corrugated Roofing Sheet mainly using high-quality PVC resin materials, these materials do not react with acid and alkali salts, so it will not be corroded in the long-term use process. This product can maintain excellent physical performance, even after long-term exposure to ultraviolet light, humid, hot, cold and other natural environment, can still maintain its stability and ensure the long-term safe use of the product.

The surface material layer is weather-resistant resin to ensure the chemical corrosion resistance of the product; the intermediate material layer is a toughness and light insulation PVC material, ensure the product strength, at the same time increase rigidity; and the bottom layer is toughness, wear-resistant white material to increase the sense of space and lightness of the plant. Through co-extrusion techniques, the three materials with different functions are organically combined together and works for the best effect.

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