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Polycarbonate Roof Panels

Short Description:

*Long lasting color
*Light weight
*Heat & Sound Insulation
*Corrosion resistance
*Resist to wind, shock , hail , contamination
*Environment protection
*Fire Retardance
*Easy installation
*3D Shape

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PVC HOLLOW THERMO Polycarbonate Roof Panels

Product Description:



WIDTH (MM)Total width:930mm
 Effective width: 870mm
THICKNESSMaxima 10.0mm     SIDE:1.1mm
       Hight 40mm
MULTIPLE LAYERMulti-layer design, have excellent insulation facture
FEATURES1. anti-corrosion, anti-bacterial, anti-aging
 2. Waterproof, moisture-proof, fireproof
 3. High intensity, difficult to discolor
 4. Easy to install, maintenance, and clean
 5. Environmental and healthy
 6. Vivid surface patterns, which looks more elegant and style
 7. Various colors and patters provided, which can make all the requirements of

different customers

APPLICATIONThis kind of PVC panels was widely used in the roofs, walls and ceiling decoration,

not only in the roof but also any public places, such as hospital, school, hotel, restaurant,

office building and so on.

Support Distance MAX:1000mm

Features of product

*Long lasting color
 *Light weight
 *Heat & Sound Insulation
 *Corrosion resistance
 *Resist to wind, shock , hail , contamination
 *Environment protection
 *Fire Retardance
 *Easy installation
 *3D Shape

ASA coated

Acoustic absortion and heat insulation,Self cleaning, Waterproof, Anti-corrosiveness living in a comfort
 PVC backbone
 long-span life, non- deformation, non-fading, flame-retardant, living in a familiar
 Choosing easy-to-install twin wall oxidation resistance plastic pvc roof tile , gives you a comfortable and colorful house.
 Large stock
 Our factory has a large inventory, which can be shipped at any time. Shorten your time.


1. Q: What we do?
 A: We manufacture many kinds of  Pvc  products.
 2. Q: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?
 A: We are factory.
 3. Do the sheets break very easily?
 No! Polycarbonate sheets are not only extremely impact resistant but thanks to their temperature and
 weather resistance they have a much longer service life.
 4.Is polycarbonate sheet bad for the environment?
 Polycarbonate sheets are a very sustainable material that can be recycled and does not emit toxic substances during combustion. Moreover, there are sustainable polycarbonate sheets being manufactured using 20% renewable energy!


1. Long life & No fading
 able character, and flammable character reach A grade to avoid fire.

2. Excellent Anti-corrosive character
 The synthetic resin tile is coated with ASA material which can not be corroded by rains and snow, and resist the corrosion from acid, alkali and salt.

3. Waterproof
 The resin material is compact and doesn’t absorb water, its waterproof character is much better than earth tile, concrete tile and glass tile.

4.No deformation
 The geometry dimension doesn’t change even the outside temperature change greatly.

5. Light weight & Beauty
 Synthetic resin tile belong to light weight material, thus reduce the load of buildings effectively, and increase the security, easy for fitting and transportation, lower the cost and improve the grade of quakeproof.

6. Self cleaning
 It doesn’t absorb dust, once washed by rain water, it would be clean as new

7. Easy installation
 Large single area increase the installation efficiency, simple workmanship and complete accessory parts make the installation easy and quick

Thailand primary school project

Warehouses ,Plant houses

Balconies, Workshop


01、Are your manufacturer or trader?

Yes, we are real manufacturer, if you need other special product, we will do our best to help you, so we can build a long-term business relationship.

02、Can I order the product with special size?

Of course you can, also we will produce the products according to your detail requests.

03、Why we are your best choice?

We have direct factory and many years of export experience, and offer the best price with.high quality product, timely delivery, also have good after-sales service, therefore with good reputation on boards and with many clients have good long-term business relationship.

04、What is your trade term?

Payment: T/T 30% in advance, balance before shipment. Production Lead Time: Within 7 working days after 30% deposit Shipping Methods: small order will be sent by express,big order will be sent by sea.

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