Synthetic Resin Roof Tile For House Roofing

Short Description:

Material Description

The surface of our roof tile is ASA. ASA is one kind of material which is super anti UV. There are 3 normal colors: red, grey and
brick red. And there are two types of roof tile, one width is 1050mm (normally for houses)

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Product details

Color Brick red, purplish red,spanish red, grey or customized
Color Lasting 10 years no fading
Overall Width 720mm;1050mm
Effective Width 640mm;960mm
Length According to the times of 219mm
Thickness 2.5mm, 2.8mm, 3.0mm
Weight 2.5mm: 5.0±0.1kg/,2.8mm: 5.6±0.1kg/m2,3.0mm: 6.0±0.1kg/m2
Purlin spacing 660mm
Quality Guarantee 30 years
Application Townhouses;House roof top;Hotels;Garden;Residential houses;Villas;Pavillions;Tour resort;Temples etc.

Product Features:

  • Decorative look:  it combines new innovative style with Chinese antique elements, offering a fantastic decorative look to the roofs.
  • Excellent color stability and long life span:  at least 10 years no color fading even under harsh weather condition such as strong UV radiation. Its life span is up to 30 years.
  • Good load carrying ability:  no crack or damage happen when 150kgs is loaded with supporting distance of 660mm.
  • Impact resistance:  no crack or damage occur after a steel ball of 1kg drop from 3 meters high.
  • Corrosion resistance:  free from various chemical substances such as acid, alkali, salt.
  • Fire resistance:  the fireproof performance is ≥ B2, belonging to non-flammable building material.
  • Environmently friendly:  Hongke products do not contain asbestos and any radioactive element,can be recycled.
  • Good sound insulation:  have good sound absorption of noise effect such as rain, wind and even hail,30db lower than color steel tile.
  • Self-cleaning performance:  it do not absorb dust and would be clean as new after rain.
  • Easy and convenient installation:  with light weight that increase the installation efficiency, easy fitting and transportation thus save cost.